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Hymnodia sacra 

An Icelandic music manuscript from 1742

“As one of Iceland’s foremost ensembles of its kind, you can’t really argue with Carmina’s approach here. They know how this music should sound and everything is exceptionally and attractively pure, though spiced with the bouncy, curvaceous lilt of the Icelandic language and accent.”

**** Andrew Mellor, Classic FM Magazine, December 2010.


“The quality of the 12-member choir is first-rate throughout, whether as an ensemble or down to solo numbers. The golden touch of their work shines through on this exceptional disc.”

**** Ríkarður Örn Pálsson, Morgunblaðið, 2010.



Music from the Icelandic manuscript Melodia, written ca. 1660–1670.

“This anthology of music from the Melodia manuscript is almost entirely the work of Árni Heimir Ingólfsson, who founded the excellent Carmina Chamber Choir, arranged the music (with considerable tact and judgement), conducted and wrote the explanatory notes. And the entire collection is a triumph.”

David Fallows, Gramophone, 2009 (Editor’s Choice).


“Everything about this disc reflects total professionalism, from the selection of the songs and their performance, to the essay and layout. Refinement, precision, devotion, and all-enveloping beauty characterise the performance of this charming music, and this magnificent yet modest work of art should leave no one untouched.”

***** Ólöf Helga Einarsdóttir, Morgunblaðið, 2007.



A remarkable tradition of two-part vocal music from Iceland, from medieval manuscripts to nineteenth-century folk traditions. 

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